Welcome to the definitive guide to the Birds of Stoke Newington Reservoirs, Hackney, London – the culmination of intensive studies over recent years. The Birds of SNR is a free resource dedicated solely to the avifauna of a small but uniquely valuable haven for birds in the heart of London.

East Res LBR The following pages include the site guide, the systematic list, special surveys, annual summaries, photo galleries and much more. Photos (all taken in the area during the study period) and texts are subject to copyright – please contact the author for permission to use them elsewhere.

the systematic list – full details of all the species recorded at the reservoirs

photo galleries – hundreds of images of the reservoirs birds, from Goldcrests to Bitterns

the study period – how, why and when the reservoirs were intensively studied

site guide – including recommended routes and locations, habitats, history and access

summaries – annual digests of observations, and the birding year in full

birds by season – a seasonal guide of what to look for, and when to look

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